Who We Are?

The Original and the Best Sensual Massage Specialist for Men & Women. 


We are a group of female and male massage therapists trained in the fine art of Tantric Massage. Our Tantric Massage is guaranteed to soothe you and give you the experience of a life time. All of us are professionally trained in the discipline of Tantric Massage.


We assure you the highest level and quality executive massage relaxation. Always with a smile, we impart our knowledge, high standards and excellence in Tantric massage delivery. 
Both electrifying Eastern Tantric massage, firm Western full-body Swedish massage with Kundalini massage elements have been combined in a variety ways for your thoroughly refreshing full body massage relaxation.

This extraordinary massage offers the flexibility to choose the best option for you and was blended with the entire body in mind, suitable for couples, jet lagged travelers, busy executives, men and women alike.

Hong Kong Tantrica have miticulously chosen our therapists and trained under supervision of Swedish Tantric practitioner who conducts hands on training in Asia and some schools in traditional Eastern thought.It is applied with the principles of Taoism to understand more the flow of energy within human body bringing to trance and detach them from technical world.Therapist will lead you to open up emotionally,receive pleasure and relax for 12 years of servicing tantra in Hong Kong masseurs perfected their crafts